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PAED's 1st Traveling Event

They say that everything is BIGGER in Texas! Well Dallas, Perfectly Adorned Event Decor (PAED) has arrived and we are here to create a GRAND design for our client. I still can't believe that I can say PAED has traveled to another state to design and we killed it.

Okay, so let's start this story from the beginning. I have a videographer name Mike, Mike has a wife name Alycia, Alycia runs a successful inspiration community called The 1212 Community. Figured, I would give you that context to start with. June 2022, I had a promo video shoot with Mike. I arrive to the shoot and Mike introduces me to his wife Alycia. Instantly, we connect as if we had known each other for years! She inquired about my business and then we went back to having fun at the shoot. Shortly thereafter, Alycia mentions hiring PAED to design her conference that would be held April 2023 in Dallas, TX. Overjoyed and excited, I quickly responded that we would do it! Keep in mind that I had NEVER traveled such a distance t0 execute an event, but when taking a job y0u must exude confidence (even if you're nervous on the inside).

In October 2022, I had a chance to visit Dallas and the first thing that I did was set up a tour at the Omni Hotel where Alycia's event would be held. Seeing the space well ahead of the event was so insightful and help me to develop a game plan for design. Tip #1 - To anyone looking to be a Traveling Event Designer, please go and see the space in person well ahead of the event date. Tip #2 - I met with local florists and designers while in Dallas on this visit. This is very important to make connections, understand work ethic, and begin to create assignments accordingly. I personally worked with each local florists to procure flowers, materials, and supplies needed while in Dallas. I left that trip feeling good and ready to take on this event!

Fast forward to the week of April 10, 2023. My team and I board our flight to Dallas. It's really happening, we are going to be the exclusive event design team for the YES! Conference!!! Tip #3 - Arrive to your location days prior to the event and stay within 15-20 minutes of your event location. You will need to do final walkthroughs, meet staff, discuss logistics, deal with any mishaps, etc. The conference was set for that Saturday, but our plan went into effect starting Tuesday. The entire team had assignments, I met with other vendors and floral design days were well underway. We definitely had some hiccups during the week, but nothing that we couldn't handle. Tip #4 - Know how to pivot. Things don't always go as planned, but your client is counting on you to get it done.

Saturday, April 15, 2023 was the day that I had long prayed for. I asked God to move us in a space of designing for corporate events that consist of conferences, galas, retreats, and brand activation. Truly, the manifestation of that prayer could be seen on this day. Our design was brand activation at it's best. We embedded the conference logo, colors, and theme in every element of the design from the grand balloon display at the entrance to the table centerpieces and of course, the stage was the star of the show! Our floral team installed picture perfect centerpieces and created pure floral art on the stage. The production side of the house made sure that illuminated centerpieces, candles, furnishings were all in the right place ready to great guests as they entered the space. When guests arrived, they were completely "WOW" by the final product. My client and I shared a tearful moment that will be forever etched in my heart.

When I design conferences the goal is to transport people into a different atmosphere that create

space for innovation, collaboration, interaction, and fun. Brand activation is meant to empower us to be growing, better versions of ourselves. The YES! Conference set the tone and was the perfect message for self affirmation not only for those who attended but for Perfectly Adorned Event Decor that we can do anything we set our minds to.

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