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Perfectly Adorned Event Decor Owner


Meet the Owner & Chief Designer

My mission is to lead my professional team in creating elevated yet unique floral designs that meet or exceed our client's expectations. My love for flowers started at a business workshop, and I am overjoyed to be able to create floral art for every client's event. It warms my heart to experience the pure happiness that our clients feel when walking into our transformed space for the first time. I look forward to our collaboration.

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The lotus flower not only symbolizes pure beauty, but it also symbolizes perfection. We all know the joy that is inspired by walking into a beautifully transformed space. The ambience is palpable as each guest arrives one by one into a world so different from the world they are leaving just steps away. And that is the crux of our mission.

Meet the Team

Perfectly Adorned Event Décor is rooted in integrity, respect, dignity, equitable corporate practices, and sustainability. We celebrate the diversity of people, thought, and experience that reflects the world we peacefully share. With intention, we are grateful to work alongside motivated and talented people regardless of gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, color, military service status, citizenship, or other protected characteristics

Perfectly Adorned Event Decor Team


Perfectly Adorned Event Decor Couples


C: Communicate Effectively -  The key to your successful event is open and effective communication with our team, and we ensure that we are available to support your vision each step of the way. 

A: Always Inspire -  You are planning an event because it is a special moment for you and your guests! Inspiration is the key ingredient to ensuring that you and your guests are forever imprinted by the beauty we will create.

R: Respect Others - Respect is essential to ensuring a positive working relationship and a peaceful process rooted in integrity and transparency. 

E: Experience Excellence -  At Perfectly Adorned, we take “perfectly” seriously. It is our genuine dedication to work in excellence at all times. Your event’s success is our success, and we are committed to an elevated client experience from start to finish.


The Floral Blueprint Class


The Premier Education Resource to Prosper as an Event Designer!

Each one, teach one. We are dedicated to ensuring that aspiring event design professionals have the tools, training, and learning resources to excel in their own careers. 

Our P.A.E.D Prep School offers extensive professional workshops, courses, and materials to help jump-start your journey or advance your design education. Click below to learn more about our current workshops and guides.

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