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Education is Key

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Here is an ALARMING Statistic: 85% of Business Fail within their first 5 years! When you operate a business, it's more than just creativity. It's about understanding the legal, mathematical, and professional side of the business. Do you understand your numbers? How about pricing? Are you good at sales? What about your marketing and advertising skills? As small business owners, we try to be all of these positions and end up with burnout that leads to being discouraged and giving up. Maybe that not you, because you have learned how to delegate to professionals that specialize in those areas. But, is the cost of these services outweighing your profits?

This is why I started PAED Prep School. An educational resource for aspiring and beginner Event Professionals. Doesn't matter if you're an event planner, florist, or designer, this online community has endless tools that can help your business succeed. I don't like to see others struggle, especially if I can help. I'm literally an open book when it comes to some of the BIG mistakes that I've made and ways that I changed my mindset, pulled up my bootstraps, and put together an action plan to PROSPER!

In March 2022, I held my very 1st workshop called The Floral Blueprint!! This workshop is about two things: 1. Elevated Design Skills and 2. Formula for Success. I was asked by mentor what is it that I wanted to gain from this workshop. The answer was simple, "It's not about what I want to get, but instead what I want to give." Here is my purpose for the workshop:

  • Create a successful pathway for Event Designers

  • Help students avoid costly mistakes

  • Teach elevated floral techniques that create professional designs

  • Identify a Signature Event Brand

  • Confidence to Book Clients

  • Ensure that students receive Publication Credentials

6 amazing students join The Floral Blueprint work shop investing in their craft and brand. The picture is the inaugural class of Event Designers! Together, we are building a community of trusted and professional Event Designers that possess the skills and technique to produce elegance events. I learned just as much from the students as they may have learned from me. My purpose and passion rest in our motto: PRACTICE…PERFECT...PROSPER

I look forward to welcoming more students as we continue to hold workshops and hopefully one day expanding to cities across the USA! Check out the PAED PREP School website for more info and resources that can help you excel as an Event Professional!

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