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With So Many Options, How Do I Choose The Best Event Designer?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Living in a digital and social media world has allowed us to canvass and search for all that we need at our fingertips. That search can bring back many options. Just do a Google search or how about Amazon. I sometimes have to remind myself, “Kelly, you don’t need to place another Amazon order!” Well, the same rings true when it comes to the option of picking the Best Event Designer.

In the Event Industry, there are so many vendors and crucial parts that play a role in the entire production coming to fruition. Let’s take a Wedding for example: You get engaged and now you’re ready to dive headfirst into wedding planning. About 5 minutes in, you are overwhelmed with where to start, the number of emails, phone calls, consultation, choices, etc. This can lead to bad decision-making.

Step 1: Take a breath. Write out a goal or vision for your wedding or event along with a reasonable budget. Find a planner that understands your vision, has a brand that fits your vision and can bring your vision to life. Most of the time if you are working with a planner, they have a network of trusted vendors to include the Designer who can execute your vision. The planner can illustrate and communicate your vision clearly and concisely. This makes having the Best Designer an easy task on your part.

Step 2: Not working with a planner?? That is quite alright. Again, it is about finding THE Designer that can truly execute your vision. Social Media is a great place to see a Designer’s portfolio of work and to see if their style aligns with your vision. Next, check out their website to see the process and if it all makes sense.

Step 3: Schedule a consultation with the Designer (with or without a planner). Have your list of questions ready. This is a way to test if you connect with the Designer, if they understand your vision, and if they will be able to deliver. Look at this as your interview time. Don’t be afraid to ask to see additional work. Any good Designer is ready and willing to share so much with you.

Step 4: Take a deep look at the concept or illustration board that the Designer presents to you during the proposal. Does it hit everything that you discuss? Are the colors correct? How about the small details? Can you picture yourself walking into your event and seeing what the Designer has illustrated to you? This is your time to review and critique to make sure all ‘I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed.

Step 5: Feel comfortable in knowing that your Designer is a professional and knows how to execute on the event day. It may take a little bit of blind faith, but you would know throughout the previous steps your level of trust. A good Designer will keep you well informed along the way and engaged during the design process. Here is where you get to sit back and see it all come to life.

This process doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be right! Trust your gut instincts when it comes to choosing the Best Designer. Never choose off-price or comparing options, because remember “You get what you pay for.” Make your choice from the perfect fit. Happy Designer Shopping!

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