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What’s Your Wedding Style?

Wedding Designers are many things, but we are not psychics. To understand a couple's wedding style, I need to discuss the wedding vision. What do you want to see when you enter your wedding? What are your personality types? What are some of your favorite things to do as a couple? What is the experience you want to give your guest and how could they sum up your wedding in one word? Provide 3 adjectives that describe the feel and mood of your dream wedding. Yes, I ask all of these things. Why? Because they are important and translate the look and feel of your wedding decor.

Let’s talk about wedding styles. It can range from traditional to contemporary, over the top to simple, classic to modern, tropical to the city and the list goes on. Each style says something about the client and their personality type. Shall we jump into a few of these:

  1. Traditional - This client usually loves the look and feel of a wedding and what they are known for. Their objective is to create the guest experience from start to finish. They love flowers, good music, even better food, a regal venue, and having a WOW factor at their wedding. The traditional client wants the feeling of the wedding they have dreamed of since childhood. Their adjectives include: Beautiful, Elegant, and Classy

  2. Contemporary - This client typically enjoys a wedding that is not overly done. We all know the type of wedding that you see over and over again. They like things that are out of the ordinary, custom, and unique to their specific style. The idea here is for the guests to have conversation starters throughout the entire wedding and to see the unexpected at every turn. Their adjectives include: Stylish, Chic, Unique

  3. Over the Top - Talk about not wanting the average, then you are talking about the “Over the Top” client. It’s go BIG or go home! We are speaking of large floral installations, huge statement pieces, and a jaw-dropping design at every corner. Over the Top means the bells and whistles. To achieve this look, my client wants draping, lighting, massive floral arrangements, staging, furniture, cloud smoke, custom stationery, specialty linen, upgraded plate settings, luxury table, and chairs styles, etc. We all know that this look means CHA-CHING! Their adjectives include: Grand, Showstopper, Big Statement

  4. Simple - Simplistic doesn’t have to mean boring. It can simply mean toned down. Some clients don’t like being the center of attention and want their decor to show in the same way. They want decor where you can let your hair down and have fun. They enjoy lots of candles, greenery, and even just good views that play on the natural beauty around them. Their adjectives include: Minimal, Intimate, Low Key

  5. Tropical - Take me to the islands! This is for my traveler client or ones who want to escape the hustle of normal life. These are my laid-back, easy breezy clients. Their wedding day look is colorful, fun, and relaxing. It’s a vacation for everybody. Their adjectives include: Beach, Flowy, Airy.

  6. City - Last but not least our city client. This client usually loves the modern industrial look, the exposed brick, the city view, and all that the city has to offer. Maybe they want a rooftop wedding with 360 city views or just a city location that is the reminder of home. City weddings are lively, full of light, and energy. Their adjectives include: Views, Vibes, Modern

No matter your style, your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple. Do whatever makes you happy. You want to look back on your wedding and feel that the design speaks to you 5 years, 10 years, and even 20 years later. So what just happened here: I just helped you to put words to how you want to feel and now when we talk to your Designer, you won’t feel any pressure from those questions at the beginning of this blog haha! Let’s chat if any of these styles best describe you. Even if they don’t, I like a good challenge.

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