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Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

With only a few more months left in this year, it's time to set our sites on 2021. Being in the Event Industry, more specifically florals and event decor, I get to track the pattern of what's Hot and what's Not! Just like any other category in life, the look of floral designs changes often. As a designer, it's important in business to be prepared for what my clients may ask. As a client, you want a floral designer who knows their stuff and how to execute it. Some of these new ideas present new challenges, but I don't shy away instead I gladly accept. Now, I'm no palm reader or meteorologist, but I sure have my predictions for the wedding flower frenzy that is going to take the industry by storm (good metaphor) in 2021:

1. Boho Chic - Throw the hippie vibe out the window. This is calm, relax, and go with the flow vibe. Our Boho Bride is all about neutral palettes, florals that move organically, and dried accent florals. The heavy hitter in this category is, of course, Pampas Grass! Whether on a cliff overlooking the water or inside of a rustic-chic venue, this floral has texture and a matching look that is the perfect fit for our boho wedding.

2. Eco-friendly - We all want to make the world a better place for generations to come. So much has made us more cognizant of how we treat our environment. That brings me to my sustainable bride. She doesn't believe in a lot of waste and maybe for her, flowers are a big waste of money. So the answer is to go GREEN! More and more, our brides love this idea of greenery on a vine and potted plants. What does that look like, you ask? Succulents, cacti, and moss with some hanging ivy make a lush green forest. Give it a pop of color with planters and other table decors. The best part is that they are locally grown and can double as gift favors for your guest.

3. Sparse Bridal Bouquets - Our less is more bride wants a light and airy bouquet. Bouquets can still be luxurious without it weighing a ton. Most brides don't want to hold a heavy bouquet for a long time and since it will be in every picture, we try not to give her a workout. Bouquets are the perfect touch to the bride's wedding dress and personality. With lighter bouquets, you get to see her dress and the bouquet as a compliment to the entire look.

4. Warm Colors - Pink is a staple color in the wedding industry, but warmer tones are making a comeback! I truly believe warm colors give off an intimate, but not stuffy feel for weddings. At least with this palette, I don't have to worry as much with color clashes. I'm not talking about stiff whites or gloomy grays. Take dusty pink roses and accent them with florals ranging in color from taupe, mauve, golden yellow, and even brown. It's an intriguing and striking color combination.

5. Floral Hoop Rings - Brides are always looking for something different, something unique, something one-of-a-kind. Well, look no further because hoop rings are it. There is a variety of ways that they can be used for weddings. Hoop bouquets for bridesmaids probably double as a fashion statement and a piece of jewelry walking down the aisle. I love the thought of a whimsical hanging hoop installation that mimics a dreamcatcher. The possibilities are endless with this one and I can't wait to create a beautiful design using floral hoops.

I could go on and on about many more hot trends for 2021. Just like everyone else I'm going to check out Pinterest (a designer's friend and foe), take note of the pattern, and create my board of inspiration! Luckily we don't have any money on this, so just like the weather person, we can say "yes, she's spot on" or "no, she's missed the mark." Whatever direction the trend is going in, Perfectly Adorned is excited and ready for new floral designs.

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