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Flowers Just Aren’t My Thing

Although my line of work centers around beautiful floral designs, every once in a while I get a bride that says “I’m just not into flowers.” To the ears of a florist, this is blasphemy! How can you not love how florals transform a design and can truly represent any look that could be in your vision dreams? But I digress…let’s get into the reason behind this statement and some other alternatives that can be a great equalizer when it comes to a stunning wedding design.

Usually, when I get the statement that flowers aren’t a priority for my client’s wedding design, it comes down to a few things: 1. Cost 2. The feeling that flowers are wasteful 3. A couple who wants something that you don’t normally see. Of course, there is a solution for all of these things and I try my best to find a happy medium.

The first place to start is by understanding my client’s vision. That vision can range from a lush garden oasis (florist heaven!) to a lounge/cocktail style wedding. What is the client’s priority at their wedding? Is it the food, the music, the venue, etc? This will help to have the basis for understanding where florals should be and shouldn’t be. If my clients are foodies, then it is my job to make sure that the experience for the table decor is top-notch. A beautiful table floral arrangement is the right inviting atmosphere for the guest to begin the meal indulgence. When it comes to cost, there is no denying that fresh flowers can get expensive. Heck, even silk ones for that matter! If cost is the main concern, I discuss the option of having smaller florals in areas such as the reception with the possibility of doing one grand statement piece. I even discuss the many flower options; such as the fact that peonies are top dollar but you can get the same effect with a large garden rose at a fraction of the cost. What flowers are in season during the time of their wedding because this is a huge cost saving? There is no need to fear when it comes to cost because, with the right designer, we will create a healthy balance to keep in mind cost while not compromising the design.

The next question I often get is, “Well what are we going to do with the flowers after the wedding?” The answer doesn’t just have to be to throw them away. You have plenty of options here. The flowers can be a parting gift for your guest at the end of the wedding. Let them know that they are welcome to take them and don’t forget to send pictures of the eye-catching florals wherever they may place them in their home. Guests will now have a beautiful centerpiece and remember the fun time at your wedding. Another great option is to donate your florals. Some companies will come and pick the flowers up at the end of the wedding and transport them to local children’s hospitals, nursing homes, or women's shelters. This is truly the gift that keeps giving and warms the heart of someone else just to know that you are thinking about them and want to brighten their day. With these options, you can get bang for your buck and see that the flowers are being put to good use even after the wedding!!

To my “think outside the box” couple, this next point is for you! Flowers are a typical staple at weddings, but they don’t always have to be (a little part of me just died saying that lol). Implementing a candle look brings in low light, intimate feeling. Or maybe more greenery for an organic look. Sustainable plants have also become very popular in recent years. I like a good challenge, so creating something fun and new is always exciting for me.

Just remember, your wedding day is all about your vision and allowing your personalities to be translated into the decor. So if you find yourself saying “Flowers Just Aren’t My Thing”, understand the reason why and have open communication with your wedding designer so that your dream look can be achieved with or without florals.

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