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The Big Wave of Floral Sculptures

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Did you watch the Big Flower Fight on Netflix? Well, if you didn't let me catch you up to speed (no spoiler alerts, I promise). The show consists of ten pairs of floral designers, gardeners, and sculptors that compete to make larger than life sculptures. The competition is fierce and the designs are grand. Can you imagine if they had all worked together on a design? I'd tell you one thing - that would be a massive sculpture!

I can bet my bottom dollar that most weddings and events will want those grandiose pieces seen on the show. This is probably not a problem in the corporate events arena, because typically their events are on a large scale and money isn't an issue. For my brides, you must keep in mind that the bigger the design, the heftier the price tag. These are full-on productions that require a combination of flowers and mechanics to make them work and shine in all its glory.

What exactly does that look like? Remember when I said if all the participants from the show worked together they would have a massive structure - well picture a huge team when requesting a grand statement piece for your event. It takes a village for it to come together correctly and beautifully. Let's break down the village: 1. A welder or carpenter to create the design structure 2. A lighting company or event production company with a good rigging system 3. A wholesale floral company to import thousands of flowers 4. A good floral team to prepare flowers, transport, harmoniously add them to your structure and secure to prevent any mishaps. Lots of manpower, time, and energy goes into creating such a structure. This is why the price tag must match the design.

Some really popular and quite impressive floral sculptures are the perfect adornment for any wedding or event. I'm inspired by the work of Preston Bailey, the King of Floral Sculptures (or all things floral for that matter). My favorites are the dramatic rose sculpture, the sweeping life-like swan sculpture, and his iconic yet unforgettable life-size tree sculptures. Brides - what about a life-size replica of your wedding dress covered in flowers?? Pretty Dope. I've even seen luxurious, ombre colored butterfly floral sculptures. During a visit to Dubai, I took a tour of the Dubai Miracle Garden, and the floral work there is breathtaking. I found inspiration in the floral houses, floral Disney animation characters, and even an Emirates plane covered in flowers...amazing!!!

The best moment when you walk into a venue transformation is the jaw-dropping WOW factor in the room. It sets the tone as a conversation piece and of course, it will be seen from every angle and in every photo. The best thing about these huge floral designs is just how memorable they are - your guests will talk about your event for years to come and I'm pretty sure the grand sculpture will come up more than once!

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